Halloween 2002

Halloween 2002 was the "Adieu to U302" party, since I was moving to a duplex in Cupertino immediately after Halloween (I couldn't possibly pass up my party for the sake of moving, nor for singing at the National Cathedral in Washington DC two weeks before!) I had the original Hogwarts Celebration at the end of July, so I left the flagstone gossamer & black ceiling up for 3 months...made decorating much easier, especially when I was supposed to be packing! ;)

Since people had so much fun with the Whirled Words at the Hogwarts Celebration that summer, I added a "Spooky Scramble" where you had to unscramble the author's name to match with the spooky literature title. The total attendance wasn't as great as the record year of Halloween 2000, but we still had fun, and I had some first-time Halloween guests from the Choral Project - finally, hooray! This was the first real year for my fog machine (since I got a timer for it so it would keep the fog going without me trying to run baack into the kitchen to press the silly button!), and the first Halloween with my digital camera, so no scanning necessary...and yes, there was another Halloween Live Webcam Broadcast! Why not, right?

Party Photos
Costume Gallery

Most Original Costume
Fidel Castrato (Jeff Johnson)

Scariest Costume
Nat the Scary Biker Dude, aka "Bad-Ass Santa"

Ultimate Costume
Robin the Plague Victim

Name that Tune
(Top-10 Pop Tunes)
Jeff Johnson

Spooky Scramble


Whirlwind party preparations...

Now see the party itself!

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Party Photos


Who the heck is that Scary Biker Dude? Devil Daniel couldn't figure it out...

Ah, it was Nat!

Aha! It was Nat!

Kevin's Hand Dead Robin

Where did Kevin's hand go? Boy, what a pose, Robin! haha...

Eyeball Prizes Eyeball Whoopee Cushion

Robin won Ultimate Costume, and she won the Eyeball Prize Package, with eyeball rings, eyeball earrrings, and even an eyeball whoopee cushion! That's the eyeball whoopee cushion in action... :)

Cathy Arresting Kevin Doug with Drink

Officer Cathy has Konvict Kevin where she wants him... Ringmaster Doug in the front hallway with his witches' brew...

Bewitched Bewitching Buttons

Look - it's Samantha & Darrin from Bewitched! See you can tell for sure by the buttons they are wearing... :)

Silly Dip Bleeding Heart

Someone got creative with the veggies & the dip...haha...Yes, I carve a Haunted Human Heart every year, as it bleeds into a glass...bwahahaha...

The Spooky Spread

The Spooky Spread...

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Costume Gallery

Maureen and Robert Robin the Plague Victim

Maureen and Robert as Sam and Darrin from Bewitched, posing with Edward Scissorhands...Robin the Plague Victim, complete with the rat who infected her sitting on her shoulder...

Jeff J. Cathy and Kevin

Fidel Castrato, who spoke Cuban Spanish in a very high voice...Officer Cathy and Konvict Kevin...

Brother Ben Raver Amy

Brother Ben "Dona eis requiem (slam!)"...Raver Amy...

Obi Wan Kaelobi Barbieri Circus

Obi-Wan Kaelobi the Jedi Knight...the Barnum and Barbieri Circus with Tracia the Clown and Ringmaster Doug...

Bad-Ass Santa Devil Daniel

Nat the Scary Biker Dude attacking poor Edward! Daniel the Devil...


Last but not least, your hostess Daphne with Scooby Doo...

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More Decorations

Front Door Entrance Hallway

Caution! Masks and/or Costumes must be worn in this area! The entrance hallway where the gargoyle covered the hallway ceiling light fixture this year...

Hall Bathroom Hall 1

Inside the hall bathroom...Looking down the hallway back into the main room...

Hall 2 Master Bathroom

Looking back the way you came...the master bathroom even got decorated this year!

Gargoyle Corner 2002 Owl, Ghost and Reflection

Gargoyle Corner 2002 with Edgar Allen Poe added to the mix...notice the stained glass reflection in the window next to the hovering ghost...and of course, the owls are not what they seem...

Living Room

The Living Room...or should that be the "Undead Room"...?

Mad Scientist 2002

Mad Scientist display, this year including my college chem lab notebook...See, I knew I saved it for a reason!

TV Corner

TV Corner, this year with the Hogwarts textbooks hiding all my electronics...

Catoween Tapestry Dry Ice Cauldron

The Catoween tapestry...another cauldron bubbling with dry ice smoke...(can you spot the webcam?)

Three Ghouls Really Foggy Hallway

Three Ghouls...Really Foggy Hallway...

Main Room

One last fond look at the dining area...until next year!

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