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Halloween 1998
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Since I was back in the States in an apartment in San Jose, I had to throw my own Halloween party in 1998, with as much atmosphere as I could possible create...Enjoy!

The Party
Beer Tasting
Costume Gallery

The Party

the Party!
Goodies Edward out of character

Halloweeny goodies to munch...Edward Scissorhands is happily out of character...!

Eating an Eyeball Not Liking the Eyeball

Goody Tracia bravely tries a Gelatin Eyeball...but she's too grossed out!

Renaissance Woman Bleys is hit!

Our Renaissance Woman getting a little bawdy...and Bleys has been hit!

Edible Spiders Mad Scientist Display

Edible Spiders decorating the table...and the Mad Scientist display bubbling & glowing...

Warrior Kick! Noah having fun?

Heather demonstrates her warrior Noah having fun yet?

Turkey scared of the Iron Mask Bleys again

The Turkey is afraid of the Iron Mask!...Bleys smiling away...

Shy Marcus How the Man in the Iron Mask Drinks

Is the brave John Steed camera shy? No, but Marcus is...How the Man in the Iron Mask drinks...

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Beer Tasting

Due to a conversation the previous summer when Doug had mentioned a rumor about British-brewed American beers tasting different than those brewed in the States, Marcus brough some British Budweiser and Miller with him this time over. So, of course, a taste test had to be performed...

Beer Tasting More Beer Tasting Even More Beer Tasting Yet More Beer Tasting Final Beer Tasting

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Costume Gallery

Edward and Edward Scary Noah with Horns

Edward Scissorhands (Maria Silva)...Scary Noah with Horns (Noah Leaman)...

Bleys Dr. Amy the Mad Scientist Jedediah Dax

Bleys from the Chronicles of Amber (Scott McComas)...Dr. Amy the Mad Scientist (Amy Smith)...Jedediah Dax (Jeff Johnson)...
(note even the orange hair!) (note the name patch!) (note the zipper for easy access to the symbiant Dax!)

Heather the Warrior Princess The Man in the Iron Mask Susannah the Renaissance Woman

Heather the Warrior Princess (Heather Bloom)...the Man in the Iron Mask (Louie Lee)...Susannah the Renaissance Woman (Susannah Gort)...
(click on the mask for a close-up)

Tara of the Prairie Turkey and Crew

Tara of the Prairie (Tara Lynch)...Chief Dougum, Goody Tracia & Turkey (Doug, Tracia & Ashlyn Barbieri)...

the Avengers Dave & Wendy

The Avengers (Britta Peterson and Marcus Fosker)...Dave and Wendy, the Web Submit Form...
(click to see the inspiration) (note the sign and the cookies)

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More Decorations

Candles the Foot Bowl Thing Gargoyle Fountain with Dry Ice Pipe Organ Table Close-Up Gargoyle Fountain with Pumpkins

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