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Halloween 1999
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Still in San Jose at the same apartment, I decided against the labor-intesive black wall effect and to try some different decorations instead (like the branch wall candle sconces in the decorations section below). Also, the prizes actually did get awarded this year, not only for the costume contest, but also for the quite challenging Halloween Name That Tune Quiz I wrote...Enjoy!

The Party
Costume Gallery

The Party

Mad Scientists

Our resident Mad Scientists posing with the bubbling potions...

the 1999 spread Noah eating an Eyeball

...the spooky spread (see the recipes page for details)...Noah bravely eating an eyeball (click for a closeup)...

Winning Quiz Bleeding Heart

...the winning quiz entry by Jeff Johnson (click to see the larger image)...the bleeding human gelatin heart being served...

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Costume Gallery

Dexter and DeeDee Dr Catherine

Dexter (Robert Reeves) and his sister DeeDee (Maureen Smith) from the Cartoon Network...Dr. Catherine Kress straight from surgery...

Planet of the Apes (Horace) Indiana Jeff

Horace Crump of the Planet of the Apes...Indiana Jeff (Jeff McNurlin)...
(notice he stole the Statue of Liberty from the State of New York!) (or would that be Indiana McNurlin?)

C# and E New York Jeff

Dave Taubler and Wendy Martin are the piano keys C# and E ...The State of New York (Jeff Johnson)...
(the lollipops played their respective pitches) (that's where the Statue of Liberty belonged!)

Scream Louie Noah

Louie Lee is making us "Scream"...Noah Leaman is Noah (you know, of the Ark?)...

Paul Rowena and Ray

Paul Hughes is an overgrown troll...Lady Rowena DeLaCruz and her protector Ray Laxamana in samurai armor...

B'Elanna and Chakotay Webmistress of the Dark

B'Elanna and Chakotay from the USS Voyager (Tracia and Doug Barbieri)...Britta, the Webmistress of the Dark...

By non-secret ballot voting, the winner of the costume contest was Ray the Samurai Warrior, with Planet of the Apes Horace and Noah tying for second place...Congratulations!

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More Decorations

Witch with Brew Pipe Organ ghost Jacko99 bubbling potions branch sconces with crest
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