The photos of my apartment magically transformed into Hogwarts are posted on the new Hogwarts index,
but keep scrolling to see the preliminary photos I originally posted before the party happened...

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Ever since I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I immediately thought of hosting a Harry Potter party, so I have been collecting ideas, supplies & props since the fall of 2000! Since I did not want to conflict with Halloween or other holidays, and I had some long-distance guests who required long-term planning in advance, I chose the Saturday prior to Harry's actual birthday of July 31st for a reason to celebrate.

Of course, photos of my apartment magically transformed into Hogwarts
will be posted after the party, but for now you can...

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some preliminary photos...

To get a "taste" of what this party will be like, here is a sampling of just some of the preparations:

Invitations Arrived by Owl Post

Invitations arrived by Owl Post with the "real" parchment envelope inside...

Hogwarts Wax Seal

...which was sealed with green wax with the Hogwarts seal that I made...

McGonagall's Accompanying Letter

Professor McGonagall sent her standard annual letter to Hogwarts students, just a little early in the season this year...

The Invitation

The Invitation itself...

Invitation Map of Hogwarts Grounds

The Map of Hogwarts Grounds...

Goblet, engraved plate and House napkin

"Engraved" gold Hogwarts plate, gold-accented staff goblet, and House napkin...

Some of the books

Just a few of the books I have made as props...

The Transfiguration Chalkboard

The Transfiguration Chalkboard...

The Sorting Hat (on my own head)

...even my own Sorting Hat, made of brown leather...!

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