Big Kylie

Kylie the Kitty

Requiescant in Pace

Britta's dear friend from
May 27th, 1996, to October 29th, 2007

Kylie had a good long life, with no problems until the end, not even any fleas. She had the loudest purr you could hear across the room that often interfered with movie nights, the largest vocabulary complete with multiple inflections, and the most personality I'd ever seen in a cat, very sweet when she wanted to be, but mischevious enough to keep life interesting. I am very glad I had such good company in my life for 11 and a half years. I will miss her always.

Fun photo gallery of Kylie the Kitty

Original Kylie webpage from July 1998 below:

Let me introduce you to my black cat, Selena Kyle, or Kylie for short (for those of you who don't get the reference, Selena Kyle is Catwoman's alter ego). We found her with no collar in a parking lot behind El Torito on a rainy day in May, 1996. I took her home, and she felt safe enough to sleep with me that night. She is fairly well-behaved, but she thinks I should wake up during the night just to keep her amused, since she tears up my room when I'm still trying to sleep. She's very talkative...I just wish I knew what she's trying to say! I don't speak Cat, you know...if you know someone who does, could you teach me how?

At my old apartment, she was thoroughly fascinated with the bathtub. Not only did she like to attack my bottles of soap and shampoo and run away when they make the big BOOM when they fall, but she took her own baths in my bathtub! See, I even have pictures!

Kylie bathing Kylie CAUGHT!

Do you think she knows it's meant for personal hygiene?

Pretty Green Eyes

I think this is the only picture where you can really see how green her eyes are...

Kylie vs. Jente

Well, Kylie had to stay with my parents last year, and she didn't get along too well with the other animals there...Poor Shady (the cat who belongs there!) ran away when Kylie growled at her, and the dogs learned that Kylie can scratch very well...This is a close as Jente the black Lab ever got or she got swatted...Kylie was already growling...Oh, well...My parents say that Kylie is definitely a people cat, not an animal cat...

Kylie in the window?

She also became fascinated with the window in my parents' bathroom. There is no ledge there...she's just trying her hardest to sit on the window itself, which is no wider than one of her paws...My mom laughed so hard at silly, little Kylie that she had to take a picture!

Two Kitties!

Remember how I was saying that Kylie and the others didn't get along too well? Well, we all were shocked when we saw Kylie and Shady sitting so close to each other!

In Cindy's Bed???

What is this? That's Cindy's bed (the white Lab), and Kylie has decided to take a nap? 'What - who, me?' Pretty brave (or stupid?), Kylie...

Kylie in the box

Of course, Kylie had way too much fun when I was unpacking from moving...


I guess she got bored one day and figured out that it was really fun to try to catch her tail upside-down through the slot in the barstool..It was really funny to see her go in vertical circles!

more gymnastics

...but when I moved and she didn't have that barstool anymore, she figured out how to do basically the same routine on top of her scratching post...!

Kylie watching herself on TV!

Since we thought she was so funny doing her gymnastics, I tried videotaping her (possibly to send in to one of those shows)...but the best part was when I was showing the video to a friend, Kylie started watching herself intently on the TV! At first she was even pawing at it, but then she just sat there patiently watching her performance...! If you don't believe that she's actually looking at the TV, click on the image for a closer view where you can see where her eyes are looking...

Sloth Kitty

Another strange position...she's very good at those...This was christened "Sloth Kitty" by Jeff Ouye, who insisted on taking a picture, since all four of her legs were clinging around my leg while she slept...

Kylie posing

She poses so nicely for the camera, doesn't she?

Christmas Kylie