Halloween 2001

Yes, for Halloween 2001 I was still in San Jose at the same apartment, so I kept trying to improve the party every year! The black gossamer had worked okay in 2000, and definitely the price was right, but it was still a bit too dark. I recycled those pieces for the ceiling covering instead of the solid tablecloths, since I found this excellent flagstone-patterned gossamer at Shindigz.com, so I splurged and bought a 100-yard 5' tall roll! See, the walls are 8' tall, so there is a seam 3' up from the floor all the way around the room. I tried to keep the longest lengths as I possibly could for hopes of being able to use it again in a future place since I knew I wouldn't be living at that apartment forever...at least that was the hope! I really like the flagstone effect since it is spooky but not nearly as dark, so easier to see everything that's going on. The flagstone gossamer was a great investment, since it was also used for the original Hogwarts Celebration, then again for Halloween 2002...

Jeff J. was the winner of the Halloween Name that Spooky Movie Theme Quiz this year with 11 out of 13! I also decided that it was always too difficult for people to decide on only one "Best Costume" so I created some more categories (see below). The total attendance wasn't as great as the previous year, but we still had fun...and this was the initial year of the Halloween Live Webcam Broadcast!

Webcast Highlights
Party Photos
Costume Gallery

Most Original Costume
Mu, The Coefficient of Friction
(Jeff Johnson)

Scariest Costume
Kael the Big Bad Wolf,
tied with John the Mummy and Jenny the Witch

Ultimate Costume
Stacey the Devil

Name that Tune
(Movie Themes)
Jeff "Mu" Johnson

Party Photos


Party! (look carefully, somehow this was your only glimspe of Noah that year...waah...!)

Mummy Eating Eyeballs Witches Brew Lisa and Kael being too cute

You knew mummies eat body parts, right? Amy with some witches' brew...Lisa & Kael being too cute...

Carving up the Haunted Human Heart - 1 Carving up the Haunted Human Heart - 2

Carving up the Haunted Human Heart...

Kael Eating Spiders Lisa Eating Eyeballs Jeff Eating Bones

Kael munching a spider, Lisa eating an eyeball, and Jeff crunching a bone...

Spooky Spread 2

The Spooky Spread...

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Costume Gallery

Amy and Stacey Maureen and Robert

Amy the Millenium Partygoer (yes a year late!) with Stacey the Devil...Maureen & Robert going retro as Holly Golightly and Henry Mancini...

Jeff Johnson as Mu John the Mummy

Jeff J. as the superhero Mu, the Coefficient of Friction (see the WD-40 and the banana peel?)...John as the Mummy...

Power Puff Stephanie Lisa and Kael

Power Puff Stephanie!...Lisa & Kael as Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf...

(unfortunately, no picture of Scott the Wizard with Jenny the Witch - sorry!)

Britta as 7 of 9

And finally, your hostess as Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct to Unimatrix One.

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More Decorations

Front Door

Are you ready to enter? Are you sure...?

Front Hallway Fog Spooky Fog Reflection

The entrance hallway, complete with fog...see how the jack-o-lantern makes the fog glow in the mirror?

Hall 1 Hall 2

Looking from the main hallway back into the main area...then looking back the other way...the wrought-iron candlestick shows up much better against the flagstone walls...

Spooky Spread 1 Witch and Edward

A gargoyle watching over the Spooky Spread...the witch and her cauldron of brew with Edward Scissorhands peeking over the hutch...

Living Room

Ah, the Halloween atmosphere in the living room...

Mad Scientist

The glowing Mad Scientist display - this year with real beakers and flasks!

New Recipe - Freshly Flayed Flesh Crest and Couch

New recipe for "Freshly Flayed Flesh on Ectoplasm Crusts"...the Addams Family crest over the spiderweb pillows on the couch...

Front Entry Ghost Hallway Bathroom Door

Closeup of the entry hall ghost that covered the hallway ceiling light fixture...the bathroom door got to host the sticky ghost this year...

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