Joshua Tree parody

(Britta, Amy Smith, Jeff Johnson and Jeff Ouye)

Well, we hope that anyone who is familiar with U2's Joshua Tree album will get the joke...?


Kazoos at Yosemite

(Jeff Ouye, Stephanie Davis, Britta, and Louis Lee)

English Romantic Partsongs on kazoos? While driving in Yosemite?

Noah & Britta at CalExpo

(Noah Leaman and Britta)

This was a display for Pacific Bell at a CalExpo Home Improvement show Noah & I sneaked into...It took a picture of you when you spoke loud enough, I think...

Jeff & Noah at Great America

(Noah Leaman and Jeff Ouye)

Pretty good focus for spinning round and round really fast, huh?

On the Vortex at Great America

(clockwise from top left: Louis Lee, Jenn Jackson, Noah Leaman, Jeff Ouye, Dave Taubler and Britta)

Well, I wasn't going to spend $7.00 for this picture of us on the Vortex, but it comes out okay if you snap your own picture of the screen and take off before they can catch you!

Gang inside Roger Rabbit's ride

(clockwise from top left: Amy, Jeff Ouye, Britta and Jeff Johnson)

This is actually inside the Roger Rabbit ride (in line, of course) at Disneyland, but I thought it was a good picture of all of us...

Santa Cruz photo booth

(clockwise from top left: Britta, Jeff Ouye, Dave Taubler and Louis Lee)

Crammed in a tiny photo booth on the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz...We got free Snapple that day!

4th of July Sparklers

(Britta, Jeff Johnson and Louis Lee)

I thought this was a cool picture...Fourth of July, 1994