Travels in Yosemite:
September 1993

In the autumn of 1993, Stephanie, Louie, Jeff O. and I decided to go camping for a week in Yosemite. Personally, I hadn't been to Yosemite since I was 12 years old, so I figured it was high time I went again...

To Yosemite

Of course, first we had to get there...I'll tell you I ran very fast across the highway after I set my timer on my camera!

Here we are!

Well, here we are actually at the entrance to Yosemite Valley...Can you tell we're excited to be there?

Jeff, King of the Hill

As soon as we had set up camp, Jeff had to go exploring. Our campsite was right next to the creek, and across the creek was all sorts of fun rocks to play on...How old are we?

real S'Mores!

Not only is this a real campfire (good luck finding wood...We brought a bunch ourselves, but we still had to buy some at quite a pretty penny), but we're having real S'Mores! (see my Scotland travels for my difficulty getting the ingredients for S'Mores in the UK)...

our visitor

Since it was dark enough with only the light of the campfire, we had a curious visitor. Louie had brought Steph daisies for her birthday that was while we were there, and I guess the raccoon really was interested in those daisies!

to Halfdome

Our big plan was to hike up the back of Halfdome, which is supposedly an 8 hour hike. Well, we tried to get ready early in the morning, but since Jeff wanted to be the gourmet and cook breakfast, we didn't actually leave on the hike until noon. This meant that we only got about halfway, which was still a 4 hour hike, but we didn't get to the top. Too bad, but that's better than getting stuck out there after dark!

We did have a lot of fun, with a lot more pictures than I have here (but how many waterfalls with us pointing can you take online?...and actually, there are a few in other places here at Britta Blvd...see if you can find them!), but I think for once I'd like to go to Yosemite when there's actually more water in the waterfalls...I seem always to go in the autumn, after all the water is gone...(sigh)...

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