Brittahilde the Valkyrie - More Images
(MardiGras 2001)

All of these photos were graciously
taken by Rey Lopez on "location"
up in the Santa Cruz Mountains
(right off Hwy 35 between
Hwy 9 & Hwy 17)
in April 2001.

I had driven around ahead of time
to scout out the perfect cliff. Due
to the haze, the photos don't do the
view justice, since we could actually
see the Pacific Ocean way out
in the distance when I was
"surveying my domain"...
Inspiration Image: "Brunhilde" by Arthur Rackham
Looking Down
Black and White - Looking Down
Back 1
Surveying her Domain
Back 2
More Surveying
Cliff - Side1
On the Cliff - Side View
Tall - Front
Tall - Front View
Triumph 34
Triumph - Flash
Triumph - Fill-in Flash
Triumph - Side
Triumph - Looking to Side

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