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For as long as I can remember, I have always loved dressing up in costume for any and all occasions possible...By age five or six, I had already started exhibiting my preference for becoming specific characters with Ozma of Oz...Mary Poppins was when I was ten years old, the Statue of Liberty was in there somewhere, along with Harpo Marx in highschool (complete with staying mute all day in class!) All these costumes were and are completely homemade, with my parents' help when I was younger, and now by myself. For more on how extremely I can stay in character, see The Origin of T'Leo for my most infamous costume experience...

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I hope you have as much fun looking at these as I had making and wearing them!

Animaniacs Icon
Romulan Ale Icon
Romulan Ale
Klingon Icon
Human Icon
Starfleet Human
Ensign Ro Icon
Ensign Ro
Serious Trill Icon
Serious Trill
Romulans Icon
Romulans (1994)
Trillhead Icon
Trill (1996)
Kylie and Tish Icon
Tish and Bouquet Icon
Morticia & Bouquet
Full Sally Icon
Action Klingon Icon
Action Klingon
Darkwing Duck Icon
Darkwing Duck!
Phantom Icon
The Phantom
1st Trill Icon
1st Trill
2nd Trill Icon
2nd Trill
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Sally & Jack
Edward Icon
Edward S.
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The Avengers
Cyndi Icon
Cyndi Lauper
Webmistress Icon
Cleopatra Icon
Flapper Icon
20's Flapper
Disco Diva Icon
70's Disco Diva
Amazon Goddess Icon
Amazon Goddess
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Classic Trek Icon
Classic Trek
Seven of Nine Icon
Seven of Nine

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