Some Phun with Photoshop! Shown first, the original is from a shipping box for Yoshida's Teriyaki Sauce I found at Price Club...As soon as I saw it, this box was screaming to be Photoshopped with Louie's face, so I had to save the box & take it with me to England, since my scanner was already shipped...and Tracia had an old picture of Louie that fit exactly, so I combined the two with the following results... :)

The Original Box Louie the Yoshida Samurai!

Louie's T-Shirt

Louie has been a Trek fan for a long time (just see the costumes page to see him as a Romulan!), so none of us blinked an eye when he got this t-shirt made at Paramount's Great America...Click on the shirt to get a closer look to see who Bones really is!