Diane's Surprise 50th Birthday Party!

In 1996, my mom Diane turned 39 again(for the 11th time!), and we all gave her a surprise party at the Lindstrom's house up in Auburn. My dad had told her that they had to go to a barbeque for one of his clients up there, and she bought the story. He met my mom's friends Deanna, Karen and Andrea, and they blindfolded her, drove her around and around, and told her they were taking her up to Reno! When they got to Andrea's house, they took her around the back in a winding path, and up the back stairs to where we were all waiting on the deck...Surprise!

Restraining the Dog!

Ron realized that their dog TJ was recognizing my mom's voice before she was even coming around the corner, and if my mom heard the barking, she'd know where she was...Here's what Ron did to prevent that...and she's a pretty big black Lab, by the way!...


It was a little difficult to lead a blindfolded person up the stairs, but she finally got there...Surprise!


This one's kind of hard to see, but my mom's mouth is gaping open in her state of surprise at who all is there...Happy Birthday!

On the phone with Debbie in Colorado

Another really good friend couldn't be there since she was in Colorado, so she called on the phone...Here's my mom talking to Debbie on the phone...

Diane's Birthday Cake

Here's the birthday cake...See, I wasn't kidding about the "39 and holding" part!