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When I lived in the UK for 5 months back in 1997, I had created a page noting differences I had found interesting enough to comment on for my friends and family in the USA. The page was what I thought in a light-hearted style, agreed to by my British friends who were not in the least offended...but, since 2000 or so, the only email I received about the page was from highly-offended British people who never commented about the compliments I gave their country on the page, which were quite a few, but they only took great offense at what I found different when I preferred the US version. (Really, what would you expect from a slightly-homesick-when-she-created-the-webpage American anyway?)

So, since I was sick of getting hate mail and being flamed for what was supposed to be a light-hearted look at the differences between daily life in the UK vs. the US, I have taken the old page down as of May 2004.

If you think you can take the original page in the way it was intended, as humor, not in-depth social commentary, then you can email me to get the hidden link for the original page.


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