Travels in New York: May 1995

At the top of the Empire State Building...The pigeons were much braver than I, that's for sure!

New York panoramic

Top of the Empire State Building Brave pigeons!

looking down from the Empire State building

I did get brave enough to stick my head and arms through the rails and look down, though...are you getting ill yet?

Carnegie Hall Poster

The whole reason we were in New York was to sing the Verdi Requiem in Carnegie Hall with the Sacramento Symphony Chorus. This is blurry (sorry!) but it was our poster for our concert posted outside Carnegie Hall. For more info and pictures of the concert, go to my music page...

Backstage Door

Here we are, Jeff O., Tracia and me, just walking in the backstage door to Carnegie Hall! You can't really see it, but the plaque on the wall above my head had some historical info about the hall...

Planet Hollywood NY

Tracia, me and Ginger at Planet Hollywood, New York(I got the hat at that huge Macy's "Number One")...

Statue of Liberty

No, it's not the original Statue of Liberty, but it's right next to the Ed Sullivan Theatre (you know, David Letterman?)...

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