Travels in the United Kingdom 1997

I had met Marcus on my first England trip in February 1996 and even though we only spent that one day talking while standing in various EuroDisney lines, we started e-mailing each other across the ocean. This eventually led to him taking his vacation in California in October 1996, with some time to visit with me (yes, we did go to Disneyland in Anaheim!), and by the end of his visit, we were a couple. Of course, this led to problems of a long-distance relationship, and due to a very annoying comedy of errors with work visas, uncooperative managers and my not being able to take any vacation myself due to a new job, we didn't see each other in person again until July 1997, when Marcus came over for a visit (and our Seattle trip), and I flew back with him to stay in Didcot, Oxfordshire, for approximately half of 1997. Read on for my experiences while living in Great Britain...

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